Happiness at Home
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Live Your Fun

Jennifer Farlin

Cue me singing in an operatic voice. Cue sunshine streaming. Orchestra music swells. Drumroll. Joyousness resounding. Puppies leaping. Kittens rolling. Happy. Bright.

Colombian Coffee and Cocktails for all my friends!

This is what it’s like over here…Bella Home Staging moved to a new place.  Where everybody knows your name, it is EASY being green (shout out to Kermit), and the grass is greener on OUR side–not the other.  There are no mean girls, bad bosses, to do lists don’t exist, and the laundry is always finished.  We have butlers over here filling up your cup so it’s always full–none of this half empty crappola–ain’t nobody got time for that.

We are practically at the corner of happy and healthy–move over Walgreens.

We still like coveting other people’s mighty fine homes, we still aspire for good taste and style…life is too short for ugly, and we still think our deep thoughts.  But we do it with a mariachi band and a margarita now.

Whoop Whoop!

Our new place is Live Your Fun.  We like mixing it up.

We are still working on the gorgeousness and the fancy so there might be a few nonsensical things, but that’s another thing about here–we try not to judge, we’re all just doing our best.

So live your fun everyone.  And welcome;)




  1. Mony says

    Oh yeah!!!
    Colombian coffee and cocktails for everyone! Because is nothing better than that!

  2. Darcy Durbin says

    Will you come to NH to style/decorate my new house?? I’m mostly serious.

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