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Making Art Out of the Everyday…or Ode to a Green Purse

green purse all nature is but art

I might have gotten a tinge overzealous about the purse I used yesterday for Easter Sunday.  I believe it to be quite beautiful.  It was one of those things I saw that I said to myself– “Self you must have this”.  More on where and whom the creator of it is later.

Now my idea is to elevate it to Art for my wall–the purse, that is.  Wait for it–it will be a forthcoming post.  My point is I really LOVE this purse and think it is beautiful and hence it is now ART.  How many clients I have with blank walls who are frozen as to what to hang on them.  ART I SAY!  And they reply with a resounding–“huh?  What do I hang, where do I find it, what should it look like, how do I frame it, how do I hang it?”  I get it.  Many a blank wall I have had.  And let’s face it, who wants to hang (and I actually googled to find a more polite word but none fit) crap on their walls??  Sooooo….all I’m saying is if YOU LOVE IT you can make it into ART.  And if YOU LOVE IT and you don’t know how to turn it into ART find someone who can.  Etsy is a great place to find creative types–find someone who appeals to what you want and email them your situation.  (“See, I’ve got this purse, see, and I, umm, want to turn it into ART see and I want to make it look like Art and not just a purse on a hook for a lack of a better place to hang it and I, ah, was wondering, if you had any ideas, well, how it could actually look like INTENTIONAL ART?”)

Speaking of repurposing something into Art, did you know that this green purse to which I call Art was once a vintage hat turned into a purse?  It was also the basis for how I made a beautiful new friend, Barbara.  If you would like to own some portable Art here is her site:

Back to the Ode (this will actually be the first of many Odes as I love a good Ode).

So with no more further ado…An Ode to a Green Purse in pictures:

green purse on tulip cover poloroid picture

green purse horizontal single tulip with leaves

green purse in front of pink field of tulips horizontal

Green purse in front of lamp and flowers blue frame


green purse on side on pink tulip wb

green purse in front of vase with easter eggs

green purse in tulip book sideways

green purse with yellow tulip horizontal no frame

Green purse with red tulip and pink frame

green purse tilted on open book

green purse on close up with dress

Green purse and me

Green purse and me.


This is the end of Ode to Green Purse.  Actually it ended prior to the picture of me.  I was not actually included in the Ode.  I just threw that picture in for good measure.  I’ll be doing another post soon on other nontraditional things that can be Art.  Spoiler Alert:  Think Fire Department ladder…or vintage bathing suit.  Would love to see some pictures of what you love and would like to turn into wall art-or better yet something you actually already repurposed/converted.  Happy First Day of April Everyone!  No April’s Fools here!


  1. Barbara says

    Ode to you. Thank you for this sweet tribute. I am glad this purse brought is together. I know it will age like fine wine.
    Love you sweet friend ode of mine.

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