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My Dog Has Fleas



March 11, 2015

Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret…I mean Jen.

Really? Apparently, if you put flea medicine on a freshly bathed dog it doesn’t work. And, yes, you can get fleas when there is 4 feet of snow. And, apparently, my dog is severely allergic to fleas. Also, potions and magic elixirs do not work with fleas. All those websites that say “Use Lavender!”, “Drown them with Soap!”, “Vacuum!”, “Peppermint!”, “Apple Cider Vinegar!”, “Sing to the New Moon on a Month ending in Y while sprinkling something that can only be purchased from Someplace Obscure for Money-Money-Money!”   Yeah. No.

So after a trip to the vet and $276.00 I now have steroids, antibiotics, and Flea Pill 1 and Flea Pill 2. I also have a long list of more things to vacuum, wash, bomb, spit on, and study.  Study because that is what I do now. I stare at things. I dare the fleas to show themselves. Which they do, just only ON my dog while sitting on freshly washed you name it. My extra clean, double washed, and doused, powdered, schmeared, sprayed, combed and studied dog. He’s exhausted. I’m exhausted. It is unbelievable to me that one rogue flea can create such havoc.

Oh, and I’m suppose to bomb my car.

Damn thee flea. You are so small yet so powerful.

More later God.



Can you find the flea?



  1. Barbara says

    Nexguard is the best.. Works for all of ny dogs here in south texas. Made by the same people that make heart guard for heart worms. Easy to give as they are beef flavored.

    And isn’t this the “month of Jen” ? I think my our time at Ecci that was March… Hope all is well

    • Jen says

      Yes you have such a gooood memory! I STILL laugh about memories from ECCI. Remember when I did America by Neil Diamond and Bill Jr walked in while I was singing and dancing? Do you hear anything from them? Ada? Anyone? Hope you are well! So good to hear from you! Bless you sweet Barbara.

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