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My House. Part 2


Hi! It’s Part 2.  It’s the same as Part 1 but different…same home, more snow, different rooms.  Still for sale.  I feel like I should put out a disclaimer.  I know it looks really good but I look at these pictures and I think–well that needs this, or that, or this is too small, and that is too big, and this is just looking old, and that looks too bare, and this looks too busy.  But hey, it’s not Architectural Digest, it’s my house…And if you read my About Me page I would be a walking contradiction if I let “this and that” stop me…to quote myself,  “Don’t wait until your kids are grown and out of the house or until you are in your “permanent” home to decorate.  Live in the moment and enjoy your home now—and have fun with it!”


Bella Home Staging


Bella Home Staging

Bella Home Staging


My wine rack.  And yes, that's the bathroom.

My wine rack. And yes, that’s the bathroom.

The Mudroom Bathroom.  Love this.

The Mudroom Bathroom. Love this.  (There are FIVE bathrooms in this house!)

Bella Home Staging

Bella Home Staging

Bella Home Staging

The Snowshoes get around...

The Snowshoes get around…

I’ve been blessed to live in this great house.  It’s for sale.  Want to buy it?  Tip your hat in my direction if you are interested:)  Part 3 is coming next.  (It’s here!  Click here to see it!)If you missed Part 1 you can see click here.

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