Vacant Staging Photos

These are a sampling of staging vignettes from vacant listings where we improvised and worked with what we had (empty except for pool table and boxes;) to highlight the property on a budget.

100_9305 dsc_0188 1704-caversham-mews-courtyard-4 courtyard-table-close-up-2 1704-caversham-mews-breakfast-nook bar-setting-close-up 100_4573 1704-caversham-mews-guest-bathroom-window 1704-caversham-mews-3rd-fl-bath 100_4672 breakfast-nook-2 oriole-dr-breakfast-nook-4-final-after dsc_0047 dsc_0049 dsc_0067 dsc_0094 dsc_0126