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Pumpkin Houses

Tom Hindman photo Kenova’s Pumpkin House, located at 748 Beech Street, owner Ric Griffith has been carving pumpkins that grace his house and lawn for his Halloween displays. He started with just 5 pumpkins in 1970 and has been displaying pumpkins every Halloween. At night, the lights can be seen from across the river in Ohio. Carved pumpkins adorn the grounds and are also displayed along the edges of this 115-year-old Victorian structure. He has included racks of pumpkins that have a computerized musical program, that plays such classics as the 1812 Overture. Over 3000 Jack 'O Lanterns will be carved for this year's display. In a conversation early Sunday morning Griffith said that some of his displays were in need of repair due to high traffic in the front yard several pumpkins were stepped on or rolled off their perch. HGTV was scheduled to arrive Sunday to film his extravaganza for a show to be aired in October 2012. The Mayor of Kenova, Griffith has received national attention over the past couple of years after being featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show and the Today Show. Volunteers are what make it happen with pumpkins being carved daily and Griffith stated that he would still be carving pumpkins today. The city has converted the street into a one lane, one way with vendors along Beech St. & handycap parking in front of the house along with a viewing area.

Kenova, West Virginia. Pumpkin House–owner Ric Griffith

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Happy Halloween!


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