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Punching Fear in the Face. Or…How Jon Acuff Inspired a Giraffe and a Tiger.

giraffe and tiger on blissdom stage

I went to a “How to BE AWESOME” conference last weekend in Dallas, Texas, called — Blissdom.  Know it?  I bought my kids a present.  A giraffe and a tiger.  They got away from me.  Here in their own words and pictures is what happened:

Giraffe and Tiger PicMonkey Collage

Befriended smiling woman in our holding cell aka gift shop.  Day 467 inside.  She is our ticket out of here.  Somewhat scared.

Giraffe and Tiger on Rail with rocks behindWe got this.

Giraffe and Tiger at Conf Rm Table

 Hanging with the homies.

Tiger vloggingVlogging.

giraffe and tiger on blissdom stageGetting plugged into a community.

Giraffe and Tiger with HankUnsure what he is stuffed with.  Disconcerting.

Giraffe Networking in cribNetworking.

Giraffe and TIger on Cow OttomanDid we know him?

Giraffe on BackpackEscaping Average.

Tiger and SNL Blissdom SignTiger:  Feeling like a schwetty ball.  Looking forward to seeing Ana Gaseyer from SNL.

Giraffe and Tiger Reading


Giraffe and Tiger drunk on apple jpHappy Hour.

Tiger with Scott Stratten BookTeasing Scott Stratten.

Giraffe and Tiger Waiting in Line in Lobby


Giraffe and Tiger in Bin for SecurityFacing Fear.  Yet again.



Giraffe and Tiger with mom and boysWe met a lot of well accessorized women.  They all called us “Wow” and “How”.   Love that.

Giraffe Tiger and Boys Close UpNow we are unstuck and we are unstoppable because we punched fear in the face.  We like this place called HOME.

If you liked this post or if you at anytime wondered what the blazes she was talking about Google Jon Acuff.  He has a new amazing book coming out titled, Start, OR check out his blog at jonacuff.com.

If you know How and Wow send us a shout out.  Peace and Joy Blissdom Friends.



  1. Haaaa, ahhhhh haaaa: LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS! Great post. Very, very enjoyable. Yes, I understand Jon Acuff’s “how and wow”. I’m the “wow” in my partnership.

    • Jen says

      Thank you so much! What a great weekend! I work part-time at wow and then how…

  2. Clever clever clever! Loved this and ‘networking’ and ‘happy hour’ made me giggle. Teasing Scott Stratten – awesome.

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