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Puppy Pee Pads and Socks


Cue Hallelujah choir.

I have a diabetic geriatric cat.  A few years ago she started this lovely habit of walking into her litter box, backing up and peeing…over the side of the box.  So NOT going to discuss all the ways I tried to “overcome” this.  (Although an amusing story of me pushing her back while she was peeing does come to mind.)  I have to lay down a garbage bag to protect the floor and then lay an absorbent terry cloth towel over this.  EVERY DAY I have to pick up the towel, go outside to shake it out, spray everything down, lay a new towel down and wash the smelly one.  FOR TWO YEARS.  People, don’t judge me.  I know what great lengths y’all have gone through for your pets.

Next.  My feet.  (I figured I would combine cat urine and my feet all in one post.)  One day I had to borrow a pair of my friend’s socks.  I grabbed a pair that just happened to be custom knitted for her specific arch height and foot length/width.  We have similar size feet and high arches.   WHO KNEW that custom knitted socks would feel so much better?

Back to cat pee.  I splurged.  I bought puppy pee pads yesterday.  I found a pack of 50 for $12.95 at TJMaxx.  It felt lazy and kind of wasteful when I bought them but TWO YEARS people!  TWO YEARS.

Yesterday I could not believe how easy the cleaning of the litter box ordeal went…do you hear angels trumpeting and gleeful harps??  Because I did.  I was GIDDY.  Giddy I tell you, GIDD-DEEEE.

Last night.  Went on a ghost walk, sort of.  It was cold out.  Did I mention that Nancy, KNITTER EXTRAORDINAIRE, gifted me along with her lovely daughter, Steph, TWO PAIRS OF CUSTOM KNITTED SOCKS?  It was like walking on air all night.  Seriously, I love these socks.  Love the way they look.  Love how they feel.  I love that my feet are the perfect temperature no matter what while wearing these socks.  Did I mention I camped with cub scouts last weekend in freezing temperatures (with a latrine for a bathroom) and I wore my new custom socks and my feet were the ONLY thing that were happy?

In fact, I can’t decide which I love more.  My puppy pee pads that can absorb 5 cups of water or my custom knitted Nancy socks?

I am happy.  Joyful.  I’m telling you it’s the little things that bring joy.




  1. Kathy says

    Love,Love,Love the socks!! As for the puppy pee pads, if they make you happy then all is good with the world. 🙂

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