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Reflections on a Stormtrooper



Here I am, reflecting.

I made it far my friend.  A year ago I was living in Virginia.  And now I’m living in Virginia.  Wow. (For those of you just tuning in I moved from the southeastern edge of Virginia to Central Pennsylvania last August and then Northern Virginia a few weeks ago.)

We meet military families who travel the world far and wide.

We just travel the Mid-Atlantic.

Frommers and Fodors are fighting over me to help write their next guide book on the Mid-Atlantic. I’m booked solid writing this blog.

Anywho.  Back to the Stormtrooper.

Have you ever really sat down and thought about Stormtroopers?  Anyone who exhibits EXTREME perseverence, fortitude, and tenacity is considered a “Trooper”.  And “Storm” is a violent disturbance in one’s atmosphere.  Put it together and it says one tough mudder.



How this relates to me and this post is the following.  This Stormtrooper was the only thing wrapped well from our move except for the throw pillows, post it notes, paper clips, and my socks.  Oh–And. The. Garbage.



And why weren’t any of the other toys?  Dumped loose into boxes were action figures, board games and their 8 gazillion parts, legos, toy sets, train tracks, you name it.  Except for that guy–the Stormtrooper.



No, HE was packed in a giant wad of packing paper (with my socks I might add–which were also packed with a huge wad of packing paper–and labelled “Guest Bedroom”.)  This whole unpacking process was infuriating me.





Chaos reigned for days.  I started chucking things left and right into boxes yelling at the top of my lungs GOODWILL, and IF IN DOUBT THROW IT OUT.

Even the stuffed animals were scared.


But eventually I burned out.



I had thrown out my back and was a tad grumpy.  I needed a 2nd wind.  (Actually it was wind #494 but whatever.)  So I’m hobbling around breathing like I am in labor when I stepped with my barefoot on an action figure.  The Stormtrooper to be precise.

Ha! EXTREME perseverence, fortitude, and tenacity within a violent disturbance in one’s atmosphere=Tough Mudder.  Someone was trying to tell me something, or remind me of something (all by itself wrapped in packing paper with my socks), or smack me upside the foot with something.

Naturally, I did not get the moral of this story like I am presenting it for I proceeded to chuck the thing across the room and then become a smidge crabbier.  BUT LATER (umm like days later) I reflected.

Hence, the title of this post “Reflections on a Stormtrooper”.  So gentle reader may you channel your inner Stormtrooper when the going gets rough and remember that inside you is surely one tough mudder.




  1. jackie stefan says

    I did enjoy this entry…. and I did share it! With my sister originally from Troy. You are so much fun to read!

    Glad to have known you up close, if only for a short while!

    • Jen says

      Thank you Jackie! You are so sweet. I miss you and your fun exuberance!!

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