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Saturday Love #Unthwarted

family room rug

Well Hello Gentle Reader,

I bought some pants. Pants. Pants. Glorious Pants. They were marked down so much at TJ Maxx that they were practically free. I did not try them on. I guessed at the size and when I put them on at home they actually fit. Happy, happy pants dance. I would use exclamation points but remember I gave them up.  People over-punctuate.

I got my hair cut and it did not suck. I do not look like a 6th grade boy, a muppet, or someone before an ambush make-over.

I have a head cold that is allowing me to function today. I cannot smell but I still enjoyed my Colombian coffee regardless.  Side noteAs I type this I just yelled at my kids “Hey NO talk like that!” as one told the other that they were, and I paraphrase, “…an unfortunate choice for a brother”.  Apparently drinking Colombian coffee gives me an accent.

I bought a rug that does not exactly match my room and semi-clashes with my couch, however it works good enough. It was, like the pants, on sale by a lot. The rug changes the whole feel of the the family room. Before it was a bare hardwood floor. The room was not cozy. If a pillow or a blanket fell on the bare floor it felt wrong, the wrong like it would feel if you laid down on Walmart’s floor. But now the room is strewn with pillows, throw blankets and books and it feels homey. That’s another thing–with the bare floor everything looked messy–now with the carpet any disarray just blends away.  The room is infinitely more relaxing. I’ve looked elsewhere for rugs to no avail and it was time to just pick one and move on.

I told my husband I was high maintenance this morning and he defended me–to me.

I’m drinking a smoothie and when I got to the bottom there was a monster in the bottom. No really.  See?


So apparently drinking it with a straw I bypassed the monster til the end. That’s fine. I got to drink it all. This also explains the giggling in the background.

Happy Saturday,




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