white house services

Decorating the White House for Christmas 2014.

If you want to work with me and you live in Northern Virginia (Burke, Springfield, Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington)—here are the services I provide:

Redesign. House Styling. House Fluffing. House Rearranging. Staging to Live.  It’s all the same thing.

I tweak what you have.  I rearrange what you have. I come up with ways to repurpose what you have.  And THEN, and only then do I make suggestions about what you don’t have.

I suggest budget friendly purchases.  I like TJMaxx, Homegoods, Marshalls, IKEA, World Market, Target, the internet.  It will make me sweat if you want to shop at Nieman Marcus to buy a couch.  I don’t even know if they sell couches but I won’t go there to look.

Which brings me to my next point. Shopping. Everyone wants me to shop for them. Typically, I prefer to give you sound suggestions and advice as to what you should look for and I’m always available to check your texts for a “YES that looks great” or a “NO, Stop, DO NOT CONTINUE with that purchase.”

Staging for Sale.

How it works~We go through your house room by room in the order a potential buyer would see it. I tell you what is ideal and you do what is practical. I leave you with homework–move this piano, take down the wallpaper, repaint the neon pink wall, purchase 4 red throw pillows, 2 potted ferns, power wash your exterior, etc…  When you have completed what you are able to do (practical) I can come back and tweak it, photograph it for your marketing campaign, edit the pictures, and then email them to you.  The houses I stage typically sell in 3 weeks or less, many times in less than one week.

Happy clients…

Bella Home Staging is an amazing value. Jennifer is a genuinely gifted designer. Her first visit to our home was like watching a genius at work. She accomplished more, while incorporating our preferences, and helped move our redesign process further in two hours than we had accomplished in two years. And she incorporates items you have into the design. The result was amazing. There never is a sense of pressure working with Jennifer. Rather she genuinely is fun to work with, and she steers you away from big mistakes. My husband disdains designer shows; but he enjoyed the logical and clear manner in which Jennifer included both his and my preferences.  -Crystal P.  Virginia Beach, Virginia

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance today. I am SO grateful that you were so REAL about all your suggestions and that you have the vantage point of a military spouse. In addition to giving me direction, you actually taught me a thing or two about design and that is priceless.  I told my husband that I feel like it’s the best money I’ve ever spent and I WILL recommend you to my friends.    -Regina D.  Virginia Beach, Virginia

We could not have sold the house so fast without Bella Home Staging, and I mean that!  My homeowner HEARD you, and she toed the line.  It was awesome to watch!  You gave my client the GOAL and she achieved it.  Thank you so much.  I wouldn’t use anyone but Bella Home Staging!  -Kay Schucker, R&W Realtor

Thank you so much for your dedication and praise.  Bella Home Staging was wonderful!  The after photos you took were amazing!  Our house sat on the market for 4 months…after staging our showings increased tremendously and WE SOLD OUR HOUSE IN 6 WEEKS!  -Carol Fulton, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bella Home Staging was exactly what we needed…with eyes for detail, they truly brought emotion to rooms that felt drab and unfinished.  With their help, I have discovered the necessity of plants (who knew?) in every room!  I actually want to sit out on my porch and I can relax in my master bedroom now that Bella Home Staging has made them look and feel more like home. Thank you!  -Jill Klaiber, Norfolk, Virginia

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