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I just want to be still.  I want quiet.  Everything is dinging, and ringing, and whirring at me.  Kids are talking very LOUDLY at me.  Clocks are ticking.  The to do list even though it sits quietly on the counter is perhaps one of the loudest things in the house (next to the 5 year old who continues to talk very LOUDLY *AT* me).  Perhaps expectations are louder than the to do list.  I think that rings truer.  See?  Even the expectations RING.

Today is Good Friday.  Tomorrow is my 41st Birthday.  The day after is Easter.  The week following my kids are off school for a week.  Each of those sentences mean something very different.   The phone rings as I type.

I know I am suppose to cherish the jelly that somehow crusted on the couch from some little boy who didn’t do it, and the piles all over from a busy family, and the feeling of being needed and wanted, and all the noise that comes with it.

Right now I just want quiet.  I want to be still.  If I could just do that will I be able to truly appreciate where I am in this minute of life?

I have no good way to wrap this up–to tie it in with my theme of ways to be happier at home.  I’m trying to be in this moment and just.  Be.  Still.


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