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Smoke and Mirrors Part 2. Statement Pieces

Did you read Smoke and Mirrors Part 1?  If you missed it you can read it here.  Real life is messy.  Distract people from the chaotic mess in your rooms with a statement piece aka smoke and mirrors.

Love the bench with the E A T pillows.  No one will notice the fact that there are piles and dishes all over your table.  (The team of 12 that styled this picture shoved all of it in the hallway.)

Found on

Found on

The big “a” dwarfs any mess–and trumps dishes overflowing in sink.

The whole room could possibly be purchased from garage sales but who cares when the Coca Cola sign is so cool.

No one will be able to see anything negative about your house–blinded they will be by this gorgeousness.

Couches are completely stained and covered in dog hair but you are thinking “What Couches?”  All you see is the art.

found on Porchlight Interiors

found on Porchlight Interiors

Christmas decorations are probably still up in May but whatever–this green dresser and wallpaper rock.

House is filthy but good things are going to happen because your room is so stylish.

Martha Ohara Interiors

Martha Ohara

Island overflowing with clutter.  Floor sticky, toys everywhere, but all your company will say is, “Where did you get these chairs?”

Joy to You!


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