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Spoooooky House in Boiling Springs, PA

Happy Spoooooky Halloween Everyone!  Isn’t this exciting?!

My parents were visiting us a few weeks ago and we took them to the City of Boiling Springs.  It’s a cute little town on a seven-acre lake that is fed from 30 natural springs.  The water bubbles like it is “boiling” thus the name.  It has an amazing history but that is not what this post is about.  It is about this house.

Iron Masters Mansion, Boiling Springs, PA

Iron Masters Mansion, Boiling Springs, PA

On the east shore, remaining from the pre-revolutionary iron forge complex, are the original forge and the iron master’s mansion with the remnants of its terraced gardens. This 1795 Georgian structure is the most outstanding example of architecture in the Boiling Springs Historic District and of major historical significance as the home of the Ege family. The mansion is presently in a deteriorating condition and is uninhabited. (from Wikipedia)

Or is it?

I did a little exploring.  It was becoming stormy and dark.  I creeped up to the front door and then…  Here with my own eyes is what I saw.  Sort of.  Ok, maybe.

halloween edit ironworks mansion

halloween edit front door cobwebs


halloween edit side of iron master mansion


Halloween edit side of house with ghost


Peering inside

Peering inside

A "Hidden" Door

A “Hidden” Door



Maniacal laugh.  Maniacal laugh.


Halloween Portrait Jen



  1. My wife is a vampire? This is something that probably should’ve been mentioned BEFORE we got married.

    Love the pics…VERY spooooooky!!

  2. Michael says

    Yes this is a lovely yet creepy old house it had been a bed and breakfast and in it’s hey day had weddings and lots of gay and happy times however in recent times sadly disused and in disrepair it now stands alone a haunting bit of times past of once happier days seen go and see it but respect it for one day it will fall to ruin and be no more.

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