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Spring Staging and Redesign Decorating Tips


Today I hauled out a desk I’ve had since college and painted it white.  I’m getting ready for our new home in DC.  The to do list that I’ve been staring at suddenly doesn’t have me beat anymore.  I’m ready for some change.  Sunshine and warm weather do that after a long, long winter.  I’m ready to tackle some projects and ready for action–says the sedentary girl sitting on the couch with her laptop with a cup of coffee and the Today show…  I’m currently living in a house that is up for sale.  Last June I was living in a different house that was up for sale.  Golly, it would be awesome if I can spend every spring prepping for buyers.  Not to brag, but I sort of kind of a little bit always have a nice house.  I follow my own advice.  At least I do.  My kids, not so much.

EVERY single house I stage the owners always say the same thing—I wish we had made these changes earlier so WE could have enjoyed them.  I make it my mantra to NEVER say that about my own houses.  I want it to be nice NOW, not just when it’s on the market.

So here are my Top 10 Spring Staging and Redesign Decorating Tips that are the backbone to any good looking house-and well, what I do inside my house.

1.Pare down.  Declutter.  Remove.  Purge.  Pack it away.  Abolish.  Dispose.  And stage a coup of your stuff. Here are some links to previous posts I’ve written on the subject:  The Home Purge Game, Prime Real Estate–Inside Your Home.  Remember that an organized home sends a positive message. If your knick knacks are smaller than a football rethink them.  They just add to the visual clutter factor.  Bigger is better.  If it is something that brings you joy and is teeny tiny then by all means keep it out. There’s a difference between a room full of meaningless stuff and a room that makes your life better/happier.


2.Clean it. Buyers and even yourself may excuse dated if everything is clean and bright.

Real Simple

Real Simple


3.Open your curtains and blinds. Sunshine makes everyone happy.


4.Add greenery and flowers.  This is HUGE.  Pretty flowers and plants in trendy pots (go to TJ Maxx) can work miracles towards making a room more inviting and cheerful.  Game Show Decorating–What Do These Have in Common?  And, Plants Make It Pretty.

Southern Living

Southern Living


5.Get rid of dingy throw/scatter rugs.  Show your floor off.

Bread and Olives

Bread and Olives


6.Spruce up your front door.   Clean it up.  Scrub the area around the door bell and the moldings.  If you want to take it up a level try to polish the metal.  Really feeling crazy?  Paint it.

Southern Living

Southern Living


7.What about your front hall?  Take as much out of your front hall as you can.  A table, mirror and nice vase of flowers are perfect.


8.Be greeted with style. What door do you enter from?  (What Door Do You Use?  And One Door’s Journey, Or…A Follow Up)  If it is through the garage does it depress the heck out of you because there are so many piles and so much chaos?  You deserve to be greeted with love.  Make this is a priority.  Set the kitchen timer and give yourself 20 minutes a day to work on this until it’s “done”.  No excuses!  Less is more.


9.Think spa when it comes to your bathrooms.  Fluffy white towel, a white fabric shower curtain, white accessories–keep it fresh.  Then add a plant.  Sick–Or A Tour of Bathrooms.



10.Hang big art on your wall.  Bigger is better.  Less is more.  It’s easier AND it’s less visual clutter.  You Gotta Have Art.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

Happy Spring!

Joy to You~Jen



  1. Victoira says

    Meeting you Jen in DC was definitely a big plus in my life. Now I spend my free time, like now in my PJS on a Sunday morning, reading your blog. Love your blog and you. Wish we lived closer. You are fun to be around and make me laugh and also I could learn so much from you. You could reinforce some of my decorating choices. Guess I will have to settle with reading your great ideas. I liked your one about leaving the hardwood floors bare. I have nice hardwood that I hate a rug on because it interferes with the look. Hope you are better. Love Vic

    • You are so sweet. Thank you.
      We are currently all hard wood too…out of necessity.

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