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I learned something new.  It sounds really cliche but I just really got it.  Just because I’m not good at something it doesn’t mean I HAVE to become good at it.  I can take a pass.  It doesn’t mean I am less of a person.  There really is not a report card that we have to ace or some ultimate resume that floats above our heads for all to see.

I am not good at many things.  My coordination is lousy–which means I stink at wii, baseball, ballroom dancing and aerobics.  My idea of relaxing is NOT baking, looking at recipes on Pinterest, or cooking.  I LOVE and appreciate beautiful landscaping, but my thumb is, alas, not green.  I’m awful at tracking data in any methodical way.  I could go on, but must we?  It can be fun to make fun of ourselves.  Sometimes we make fun of others.  And sometimes we don’t stop there, we just plain judge.

I work with a lot of moms helping them make their houses into something they are proud of, something that reflects who they are and how their family lives.  Some are embarrassed that they can’t do it themselves, some are “defeated”, and some are just too darn tired.  They tell me  stories about husbands, mothers, friends, neighbors “judging” them because they can’t get it all together, have terrible taste, or are just at a loss when it comes to making a house look nice.  It was really hard for them to make the move to call me.  It meant that they were asking for help.

I recently read Archetypes by Caroline Myss.  That’s when I got it.  Or actually a few weeks after I read it that it clicked.  The book breaks down about 12 different core types that we are defined by.  Mine was a tie between Creative and Caregiver.  I’m really good at, wait for it, being creative.  I’m also good with people.  I like people.  I like connecting people, supporting people, and I’m very intuitive at getting to the heart of someone’s problem.  I get people.  (Most of the time–I should knock on wood, maybe I should delete that last statement…Oh geez…I will be in Crazy Town the minute I hit “Publish”).

I am not an Activist, Athlete, or Scholar to name a few.  I might have hints here and there–I voted, I ran a 5k, and was on the Honor Roll in high school.  But I’m not staying awake at night obsessed with causes, shaving minutes off my mile, or the history of the Roman Empire.

What was interesting to me was the freedom I gained from reaffirming what I already knew.  I stink at many things but I am really good at others.  So get over it.  I will embrace my strengths and hire people to take care of my weaknesses:)  Ok, not all the time, but I’ll ask for help.

So I was challenged by the StrongMoms Empower campaign to write a call to action to create a more supportive and less judgemental environment, online and off.

When you know better you do better.  I’m not less of a person because I’m not good at something.  I’m not better than someone else because I can do something they can’t.  I’m not suppose to be able to do everything well.  And I don’t have to beat myself up because I run a 15 minute mile.  I just don’t care!  And that’s OK!

Acknowledge your strengths and be gentle with yourself.  Be ok with lousy and ask for help.  And then, in my case, hire a gardener.

Take the StrongMoms Empowerment Pledge

Take the StrongMoms Empowerment Pledge




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