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Sometimes you must say “when”.

I’ve purged, sorted, purged, labelled, organized, and purged again my kid’s “stuff”.  Birthday parties, goody bags, the school lunchtime “store”, gum ball machines, arcade prizes, and the occasional grandparent have all undermined my attempts. It is imperative that my children have these treasures–rubber skelton, 1 inch skateboard, stuffed snake, zombie ninja playing the flute.  Fine.  I will not label, purge, sort, cajole, sort, move or rearrange.  I will buy baskets and dump.

I give up.

Have you fought a good fight?  If and ONLY IF you have tried to purge it and organize it and have epically failed then, and only then, can you retreat, withdrawal, surrender.  You are not a coward.  You have picked your battle wisely my friend.  I give you my blessing.

Like things together be damned.



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  1. Renee says

    I love baskets! I have surrendered to them as well…of course, thanks to your advice!! Each of my boys has one in his room for all of those rubber snakes, zombies, arcade tokens, etc… There is also another in my sunroom…which is my playroom…which in two more years, I am taking back!! :o)

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