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5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal…Or How to Camouflage An Ugly House

Are you living in an ugly house? (The house above is not an example of this.) Never fear if you have one of the less than attractive ones–your house just needs make-up. 5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal…Or How to Camouflage An Ugly House. 1.Vines. If your house isn’t wood—use cover up. I can almost hear the home inspectors screaming. Do your research. Some will tear off your gutters, some look bad in the winter, and some are prone to being a highway for insects. But some can WOW. (Southern Living Do’s and Don’ts) I know none of these examples were ugly houses to start with–but this is meant to inspire:) 2.Paint your front door. Let’s face it–we all look better with a little color. 3.Flowering anything. Bushes, trees, flowers. 4.Spruce up your grass. (It’s the hair cut of the bunch.) 5.Flare. Big colorful pots flanking the front door, porch lights, door knocker, front door mat, wreath, and/or dare I say a lawn ornament or two?  

Door to Door

It’s that time of year again for door to door tricksters looking for treats. Nothing says Halloween like cobwebs, burned out lights, and dirty neglected spaces.  And nothing says hot mess like cobwebs, burned out lights and dirty neglected spaces if Halloween is long over. You’re covered if you fall into the above category for a few more weeks. After Halloween it’s time to do all that decking of the halls and entertaining–so grab a broom, a light bulb, and a can of paint. Here’s a little inspiration. RED     ORANGE   YELLOW   GREEN   BLUE   PURPLE   DOOR BLING Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Rachel Greathouse  New York Media & Bloggers Sterling Publishing Spaces by Hightstown Kitchen & Bath Designers Cranbury Design Center LLC San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Nina sobiNina Design Eclectic Spaces by Vancouver Architects & Designers Kyla Bidgood Interior Design