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Throw Back Thursdays: Hurricanes

  Way way back many centuries ago, well, 1998, there was a hurricane coming straight towards Corpus Christi, Texas.  Naturally, I was there.  I was living on a Navy base, off of the Gulf of Mexico, with my husband.  And, naturally, when a hurricane is expected all of the active duty service members are suppose to leave the women and children behind and evacuate with the aircraft. So it’s midnight and there is a tank like truck with a mega phone and flashing lights driving around a pitch black base announcing a mandatory evacuation of all people.  I knew like 3 people and my husband, who was one of them, was leaving at o-dark-thirty to fly to Dallas (where he would later eat steak while I stood in pouring rain in said hurricane boarding up a house with cedar.)  (I so do NOT hold grudges and I have totally forgave him for his so called stomach flu in 1993 that required me to drive 500 miles while he puked out a window in a stick …