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Kid’s Swim Teams, The Olympics, and America. Love.

I love my kid’s swim team. I love the Olympics. I love the 4th of July. And right now they all feel a little bit like the same thing. What’s more Americana than elementary through high school age kids shoulder to shoulder cheering each other on despite age, gender, color, religion, ethnicity, or ability? Seriously. There isn’t. There is zero difference in the courage level between the Olympic swimmer and the 8 year old in regards to standing on that starting block waiting for the buzzer. There is zero difference between the Olympian’s Mom and the 8 year old’s Mom once that buzzer goes off and you see your baby racing his butt off putting forth more determination, drive, and strength of spirit than even you knew he had. And there is zero difference between the Olympic spectators¬†and the local swim meet’s when you are screaming your lungs out as they are approach the finish and it’s so close it could be First, it could be Second. My whole family is involved in our swim …