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The Addams Family vs The Munsters: Where Would You Live?

  You know I am hard pressed to figure out which house I could live in comfortably. On one hand… …the Addams family is quite wealthy.  They have amenities, like Lurch, the butler.  They have a large house–space to spread out.  Morticia had a nice green house.   On the other hand, the Munsters seem to be a bit more “normal” than the Addams family, so less to worry about in the middle of the night?  And Marilyn, she seemed nice…we could be friends.  Although, there was Grandpa.  He was a vampire–that kind of freaks me out. But back to their house…it seemed a bit cozier.  No bed of nails.  Just a dragon, that lived under the stairs…   Then again, on the OTHER hand…the Addams family seemed quite cultured.  Lurch was always playing the organ.  Morticia spoke french.  I believe they liked Broadway and Hollywood…they had a show created after them and a movie. I don’t know.  What do you think? Here are the outside of their houses:     Master bedrooms:     Living …