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Life’s Too Short To Live In A Boring House

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Your Walls Are Boring. Quick Fixes.

383 out of 705 people have boring walls, according to people.  3 out of 5 people have art that is too small, according to me.  9 out of 10 dentists…  Choosy moms choose bare walls over crap on their walls.  Let’s stop this madness. Memorize this last column.  These are standard frame sizes that you can buy at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Ikea and online for “cheap”. Then buy anything you like that you can fit into these frame sizes.  It’s cheaper than buying something that needs to be custom framed.  Custom framed means anything that doesn’t fit into the above sizes.  Custom framing means hundreds of dollars.  You would not believe how much the glass alone costs for large pieces. I do not want you to buy teeny tiny little pictures that look lost on your wall.  Yes, you can make “groupings” that will fill a wall but they are not the easiest thing to pull off and can quickly add a feeling of visual clutter to the wrong room. A room that is busy …

Jennifer Farlin


Dear Gentle Frost Bitten Snow Covered Reader, I just realized I started this blog two years ago this month. Let’s look back, shall we? My FIRST post.  Eek. Three Simple Decorating Tips to Get You Unstuck Drop Cloth Chic.  Another post coming like this one… Making Art Out of the Everyday, Or…Ode to A Green Purse 5 Minute Spring Decorating Chandelier Love. What Door Do You Use and One Door’s Journey, A Follow-Up The McTray Tartan Love  How To Style A Bookshelf For Normal People Mason Jar Chic Tweaky Tweakerton  Camping Sold! My House in Pictures. 11-11 Hey Pottery Barn… The Addams Family Vs. The Munsters Surrender Spooooky House  Thankful Thursdays Almost Wordless Wednesday Locker Love Paper Source New York I Love You How To Make Temporary Housing Feel Like Home My House. Carlisle. Matchbook Love What’s In…What’s Out. Green! Chairs To You  Downsizing Part 1 Life You Want Weekend  Murder Mystery at My House Color Inspirations  I’m Sorry You Aren’t a Military Family–So Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It I Am A …

Snapshot Challenge: My House.

My house is clean and the sun was out.  I took one picture which led to another and then another.  Back in the day I would go into people’s houses and do photo shoots. This felt like that.  My favorite part is editing what I captured…or looking at what I thought I saw and really seeing it on “film”.  (Then redoing it.) That’s the best way to really edit/style your rooms.  Take a picture and you will see what others see when they walk in the door.   Kindness and joy to you, Jen!

Top 5 Decorating Tips for Fabulous Rooms that Look Like YOU

  It’s time for the Top 5 Decorating Tips for Fabulous Rooms that Look Like YOU—or how to not be boring.  I so hate boring.  Who has time for boring?  Life is too short for boring.  Let’s put some zip in it.  Let’s put some fun with it.  So without further ado… 5.  Something Old.  Ever walk into someone’s perfect house and feel like you are in a furniture showroom?  Or a model for new construction?  I get the willies just thinking about it.  You know what would shake that off?  Something old. Something old and painted with chippy paint is awesome.  Something old and quirky is awesome.  Something from a junk store or flea market that is random and old is awesome. Something with some history…something with layers and time and grit and experience.  Something that says I have seen life man and I have survived.  Got it?   4.  Something New.  Now if everything in your room was old and gritty and chippy and quirky–it would just be weird.  It would be too much. …

Matchbook Love. Or…Turning Matchbooks into Art.

I don’t know if it’s tooting one’s own horn or validation that motivates this post.  Regardless.  While flipping through the pages of AFAR, a travel magazine that I love, there it was…matchbooks are trending.  And what did I just make a month ago?  Matchbook Art! See?! Want to do know how to make it yourself? I bought two 18 x 24ish inch matted frames from Michaels.  They were buy one get one free.  $20 total. I bought 4 pieces of turquoise 12X12(?) scrapbook paper from Michaels.  Spent about $1.50 max. I had a matchbook collection from way back filling a large gallon ziplock bag.  I went to a vintage/junk store and found another bag of matchbooks from the 50’s and 60’s for $12…which is what inspired this whole project. I sorted through matchbooks for hours at the dining room table–each of the old ones had something funny or unusual about them.  So many of mine had hilarious and fun memories associated with the places.  I edited and laid them out based upon their merits–pretty, unique, …

Making Art out of Objects You Love

  I love walking into someone’s house and seeing something unexpected–and I mean that in regards to repurposing objects into art–not the visiting Aunt Matilda straight out of the shower.  I love hearing the story behind the why too.  AND I LOVE THIS FIRE LADDER as a coat hook.  I have had this picture from a magazine for years and years.  I don’t know who to give credit to for it–it is so PERFECT.  I will have one someday.  Thank you to whoever came up with this idea.  Know any Firemen who have a ladder I can have? This is thinking outside the box too.  The picture above and below are from this month’s Redbook (May 2013) featuring Designer Cortney Novogratz about showing off one’s collections. If you like her ideas she has a design book, Home by Novogratz and an HGTV show of the same name. Fun idea.  How about favorite tee shirts from concerts, camps, races, or? Beautiful.   Grandma’s attic or flea market finds, garage sales, architectual artifacts… And lastly, I would …