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The War on Clutter



Oh. My.  We moved into this house 3  1/2 months ago.  I did so much purging and clutter delegation when we arrived.  Our house is big.  I am organized.  I pick up and clean all the time.  Why, oh why, Clutter have you taken over?  Ok maybe not taken over but you are trying to stage a coup.  I know your tricks.  I have company coming.  I am busy.  Clutter leave me alone!  You leave me no choice.  I am sorry.

I’m not going to over think it.  I’m just going to dump it.


So after 10 minutes this is what I came up with.  I felt it was pathetic.

So I did another round.  Which turned into 5 hours later…



Ok, it isn’t as impressive as it looks.  And yet it is…  Much of this is packing paper that I held onto for when I decided to do this….



…sort, sell, goodwill and purge my staging props.  What you aren’t seeing are the boxes of things I am giving away to family…which are boxed and ready to leave my house!

What you also aren’t seeing are all the the things that were work related props that I decided to keep and are now smeared throughout my house… making MORE CLUTTER.

The upside is that after doing this for hours I started going nuts throwing things out of closets willy nilly to THROW AWAY.



I took no prisoners in the kid’s craft closet.  The play doh is on the brink of joining this lot, but I am afraid of my 6 year old.

Did I inspire you or freak you out?  I’m a little bit of both.  Grab a garbage bag today and see what happens…



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