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Three Simple Decorating Tips To Get You Unstuck



I am with a client standing in their dining room only I can’t see them and they can’t see me.  No, we didn’t have our eyes closed and it wasn’t a blackout at midnight.   It was because there were so many moving boxes piled up we were both trapped between dish pack mayhem.   “So when did you move in?” I yelled.  The client jumped up behind her cardboard wall and I fleetingly heard “About 4 years ago”…

So many people are afraid of making a decorating mistake, a spending mistake, or making any decision whatsoever that they live in limbo land making excuses well past the statute of limitations on what is acceptable for “We just moved in”.

Doing nothing is not making a decision.  It’s making a decision to do nothing.

Here are 3 somethings to do now that help get more bang for your buck:

1.  Start small.  Sit on the couch and tear out pictures from decorating magazines that speak to you.  Go ahead and watch TV while you do it!  Have a friend look at the pictures and tell you three things all the pictures have in common.   For example:  they all have lots of plants, windows with plain solid light colored drapes, and zero clutter.  Ok, so what does that tell you?  Get some plants, take down the lace and velvet sashes over your windows, and pack up the Hummel collection.  If you buy anything make sure it hides clutter (no open shelves, side tables with cabinets, storage baskets that are not transparent and deep)’

2.  If it costs a lot of money make sure it is neutral.  If it costs under $100 go ahead and go for the trendy, bright, bold or fun.  If it is $20 and it doesn’t work out, return it! Or $20 for a bright orange throw pillow that you get stuck with is a lot better than a $1000 bright orange couch.

3.  If it is an accessory buy bigger than you think.  Stuck between the really big lamp and the lamp that seems safe and small?  Trust me the lamp that looks safe and small in the store is going to look dumb and lost in your house.  Look back at those decorating pictures—the accessories are usually few and large.

Now go forth and conquer!



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  1. Stager says

    What great insight and very funny! Three simple steps to at least get me started in the right direction. Thank you so much for the tips. I love your picture!

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