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Translator Decorator or John Mayer is My Muse


Flipping the pages of People I was struck by a picture of John Mayer.  Not in the way you think.  I liked his outfit.  It was the coolest.  For a minute I thought “Can I wear that?”  I came up a blank as to where I would wear it–unless it is in the midst of Montana, during a Renaissance Festival, while herding cattle, just before I did a rain dance.

John Mayer, Paradise Valley.

John Mayer, Paradise Valley.

I’m not making fun.  I REALLY like the look, so much that I decided to translate it into my 8 year old’s room.  So here’s the rub.  I’m not spending a bunch of money to make this happen.  I’m also not spending a lot of time to make this happen.  In a different time and place I would LOVE to really do this up.  Velvets, denim, leather, the Byzantine Crosses, a little Americana, a little Western funk.  Ralph Lauren is only wishing he came up with this idea first.  So, perhaps, not to let Ralph beat me to the punch I will work on this behind the scenes to make this really really come to life.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, I, over the weekend hauled things around in my house and did some tweaking.

Here’s a prelim:



I found these pillow covers at TJMaxx on clearance for $5 each!  Blue velvet with red velvet piping–they retailed for $38 each!  I took some pillows I’m not using and stuffed them inside.

I found a blue body billow red tagged at Target for $5.

From my house I’m using a blue bedskirt, blue comforter, blue roman shades, and a dresser with knobs that had been custom painted for a medieval theme in a previous house.  I am repurposing a rustic wood tool box and sacrificing my beloved bulletin board (see the About Me page My Style.)




So there’s the mish mash of what I have so far.  The roman shades are not hung, just balanced.  The light blue comforter is not working but has potential.  I love the white knobs with the red Byzantine Cross but the rest of the knobs, not so much.  Not sure on the dresser color–it’s grey/blue.  It’s a versatile color in my house (we will be moving a lot so everything has to be versatile) but the light blue seems a little “babyish” in this room.  I need some denim, and that has been a job.  Whatever I find looks like Jerry Seinfeld’s couch from the 90’s.  In other words, no.  And I NEED some trim similar to what is on his jacket.  I’ve been tearing up the internet looking.  In the meantime I will be taking thisIMG_9778

with me wherever I go.  You never know what I will find–Really large jeans from the thrift store that I can resew into a hip duvet cover?  Religious Holy store of robes and whatnots?  Perhaps the stylist from this record album Paradise Valley will see this post and call me?

Have any pictures you want to translate decorate?


  1. You got all that from this picture? Oh my!! That is definitely a talent foreign to me! Thank goodness I can at least match my own clothing! …or can I? <3

  2. I sit down at the computer daily with great anticipation of the next blog, I log into my E-mail and to my enjoyment “There it is.” As I read all your “Powerful words of knowledge :-)” I often wonder where does she come up with all of these great ideas… special!!!

  3. Darcy Durbin says

    I guess you coukd say I’m doing the same with MY (almost) 8yr old’s room!! Wanted to make new duvet ….found pattern for cook patchwork duvet…..have been adding fuzzy blankets (a HUGE hit) and a new, recovered cork board. Still need wall decor – know of any cool horse poster for my horse lover??

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