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Tweaky Tweakerton

Bella Home Staging close up carlisle chalkboard

I’m a house tweaker.  That is really exactly what I do.  I prefer it vs starting from scratch.  Handy dandy Google defines tweaking as:  Improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it.

I kind of want to make up a song about me.  “I’m a house tweakerrrr…yeah yeah…I’m a house tweaker”.  Anywho.

I did some tweaking to my own house.

Fireplace felt bare. (Click here to see before.)  And I was intrigued by how Starbucks always makes their chalkboard signs look so nice…turns out they use chalkboard markers.  So I went to handy dandy Michaels’s and bought some.

IMG_9637Here’s what I made:

Bella Home Staging Carlisle Chaulkboard
Can you find the cat?

Can you find the cat?

Then I washed my dining room tablecloth.  It was a tad damp so I laid it out on the foot of my guest bed and did a double-take.  That looked pretty good.  A 108″ tablecloth from TJMaxx that cost $16 was the perfect size to lay on a queen size bed as a coverlet.  I mean, who uses a coverlet?  It’s just for show.  It’s just for color.  It’s just for interest.  It’s just for texture.  It’s just to make your bed look like a Pottery Barn photo shoot.  So for $16 vs spending a lot more on an actual queen sized blanket I have a pretty nice looking bed, if I do say so myself.  Tweaked.
Bella Home Staging coverlet is a tablecloth
Have you tweaked anything lately?

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