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What Door Do You Use–One Door’s Journey, Or…A Follow-Up.

Garage Door with Flair

I wrote What Door Do You Use? and did some hard soul searching.  What I discovered was not pretty.  Alas, our family’s main point of entrance was through our garage.  I surveyed the situation and decided that my best course of action was “Distraction”.  Smoke and Mirrors my friend, smoke and mirrors.  There is only so much that can actually happen for our garage to look good.  It has been organized, painted, cleaned, purged and sadly, it is still holding on for dear life in a pathetic confused state of disorder.  I decided I needed something to fix my eyes upon, a beacon of hope, if you will.  Something beautiful.  Something elegant amongst the jumble.

Collage of garage doors before and after with bubbles

It took 10 minutes total.  I googled.  I found  I ordered my house number in “2 1/2 inch Hancock font permanent glossy black” .  It arrived 2 days later.  I eyeballed the door and stuck it on gingerly.  I eyeballed the door again.  Looked good.  I smoothed that decal out and called it a day.  Now this siren will call to me as I wade through the debris of life.




  1. Renee says

    Love it…going to-vinyl to add joy to my garage way entry :o)

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